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Rüberg, Europe, Germany, market reports, business report, growing market, growing business, research on fields of activity, industry,  Rating, market volume, market value, competition, forecast, benchmarking, Strategy, Management, Controlling, Monitor, Data
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  • You are a manufacturer, distributor or crafts ... We recommend you inquiring customers!
  • You are service provider (consultancy, agency, brokers, insurers, banker, etc.) ... We recommend you inquiring customers as an ADD-ON to our customer-related business correspondence (Active promotion).

We give answers

to questions such as:

  • What is your market share? (for inter-regional companies)
  • Who supplies what products / services
  • Who is competitor in a market?
  • Who are potential buyers?











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If your data are sufficient we are able to assign your company to the TOP-List which we maintain for the respective business / industry. In such cases, you will receive information about your company's market share (non-binding and where corresponding data are available).

After a check of the given information we list all companies which sign up.

  • The listing is without engagement.
  • It is FREE Special conditions for active promotion reserved.
  • The listing is sorted by fields of activity or business  / industry (over 4000 fields of activity supported) and country.

The register is - different to other platforms - not crawlable. Listings will be published on request of:

  • clients (for free in the context of an order of a appropriate report)
  • registered companies (for free as a copy of the individual listing)
  • registered companies (for free according to our Workflow - without engagement!)
  • anyone on demand (for free according to our Workflow - without engagement!)


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